The way I work

You might be wondering what ‘integrative counselling’ means. Integrative counselling brings together different elements of counselling theories. It means I can adapt my approach to meet your needs. Key theories include:

  • person centred counselling –  which helps develop a trusting relationship through empathy, honesty and non-judgemental listening. This creates a space for you to explore who you are and what you really want
  • psychodynamic counselling – which looks at your past experiences and how they may have affected your development. It can help discover unhelpful rules and patterns in your life
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – which explores the negative thoughts we have about ourselves and uses practical ways to help change them. It often involves doing tasks between sessions and reporting back on them.

I offer weekly sessions of 50 minutes via Zoom or telephone. I will see people face-to-face again from my home in West Norwood towards the end of 2021. I work on an open-ended basis, meaning sessions can continue for as long as you find them helpful. I have regular reviews so we can discuss how the sessions are going, what you want to get from them, and decide when it’s right to bring them to an end.

I charge £25 for an initial session and £50 for ongoing sessions after that.

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